Carnaroli rice, an Italian rice

Carnaroli rice
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Carnaroli rice, a young rice

Carnaroli rice was born in 1945 following years of research, studies and hybridizations carried out on the land of Cascina Casello, near Paullo (Mi). by Ettore De Vecchi, agronomist and rice grower who had a desire: to create a large and consistent grain 

Carnaroli has always been considered the king of rice, it is one of the best varieties of Italian rice

The name is in homage to Emiliano Carnaroli the geneticist who worked on obtaining this new variety of rice. 

By crossing two varieties already present in Italy since the nineteenth century: Vialone and Lencin, Carnaroli is born.
 Today, the Ente Nazionale Risi is the preserver of the purity of this variety of rice 

Where it is grown

The cultivation area of ​​Carnaroli rice is limited, in Italy, it is cultivated on an area of ​​about 9,700 hectares

  • in the province of Vercelli 
  • in the province of Pavia 
  • in Lomellina

Carnaroli is characterized by long compact grains, large dimensions and high percentage of amylose, low stickiness, excellent resistance to cooking and good absorption capacity, all essential for the success of a risotto.


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Cooking times

Carnaroli is always present in the pantries of all great chefs.
Carnaroli rice is normally cooked as a risotto, that is, with total absorption of the water in which it cooks. 

The cooking times are indicatively the following:

  • Carnaroli rice risotto: about 18 minutes
  • Carnaroli rice boiled rice: about 16 minutes 

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Some special recipes are Risotto Primavera, Risotto Amarone, Risotto Al Funghi Porcini, Risotto al Frutti Di Mare and much more!!!

The uses in the kitchen are many: besides the classic Italian risotto, with truffle,   or with saffron, it is suitable for preparing paella, Sicilian arancini or rice salad.

It cannot be used to prepare sweets due to its low stickiness

“Judith Barrett and Norma Wasserman have written a beautiful book on risotto. [It] . . . is not just a recipe book but a piece of man’s history.”
–Arrigo Cipriani

Risotto and Beyond: 100 Authentic Italian Rice Recipes for Antipasti, Soups, Salads, Risotti, One-Dish Meals, and Desserts 

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