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The IsMadeInItaly project was born from a twofold need:

enhance and increase exports

of Italian products in the world

counter the phenomenon of fake Italian products (Italian Sounding)

which are marketed abroad as “Italians”

The Made in Italy

The term Made in Italy identifies everything that is produced and belongs to Italy

Made in Italy is therefore: technology, fashion, food, art, tourism all linked in the spider’s web of the Italian language.

We cannot speak for example of the Ferrari factory, forgetting the Emilia Romagna Region which was the cradle of companies such as Max Mara, the land of raw ham, Lambrusco wine, Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, by Massimo Bottura dell’Osteria. Francescana the best Italian restaurant, in an art context where Modena is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, all described in Fellini’s films. 

Made in Italy is thus in all regions of Italy, a bond of traditions, which cannot be copied and cannot be untied.

We cannot explain an Italian product to a foreigner without identifying it in the intertwining of its geographical, historical location and centenary tradition. 

The IsMadeInItaly Project is therefore a tool that will bring abroad not the single product, but related articles from their history, their traditions, their culture, the geographical area and the dialect which is an integral part of the Italian language. 

Whoever buys an Italian product, therefore also acquires culture, the basis for fighting Italian Sounding.

The project is applicable all over the world
Its implementation will lead to Made In Italy


which will have no equal in terms of feedback and expense

The IsMadeInItaly project is described in the  publication
with code ISBN 9780244234744 year of Copyright 2019


For more information

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il Salame al Tartufo Bianco di San Miniato
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Il Salame al Tartufo Bianco di San Miniato
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How to recognize real Italian products

Barcode EAN

Codice EAN - 800 - 839 Is Made in Italy
The barcode indicates in the first 3 digits the country where the company is based.
Italy is identified with figures between 800 – 839
Italian companies that have offices abroad have the EAN code of the country where they reside.
Foreign companies that import Italian products have the EAN code of the country where they reside.In this case, the country that produces the product must be read on the package
The trademarks of the European Union
PDO: Protected Designation of Origin
PGI: Protected Geographical Indication
DOC: Controlled Designation of Origin
Clothing, fashion and all the various products that do not have an EAN code can be recognized by the indications of the manufacturer or producer and by the Made in Italy brand 
The EAN code starting with 2 is used for products sold by weight. 

How to recognize the products of Italian companies abroad

There are companies that produce or import Italian products, but have their headquarters abroad.

Well-known companies such as Barilla or Ferrero may have an EAN code different from the Italian one (800-839).
The products will thus have the code of the state where they produce or have their headquarters.

In the photo a product of an Italian company abroad with the code of the foreign country.

Is Made In Itaky
Nutella Ferrero sold in Brazil

How to recognize real Italian products imported from foreign companies

There are also foreign companies that import Italian products under their own brand

These products are the most difficult to identify because many companies take advantage of the Italian name, the colors of the Tricolore, but then in reality the products may not be Italian. 
To find out if the product is truly Italian, you must always check the manufacturer and the place of production.

In the photos an example of an Italian product from the Martinotti SRL Trino (VC) Italia Company, imported into Brazil by two companies Columbia Trading SA and Casa Flora SA 

Imported Italian rice
Is Made In Italy
EAN code of the importer
Is Made In Italy
Name of the Italian manufacturer

False Italian products on the market (Italian Sounding)

In the photos you can see a classic imitated product, the packaging with the colors of the Tricolore and a reference to Parmigiano Reggiano, called Parmesao.
In the ingredients we have Parmesan cheese, Tropical, mountain Grana and pecorino.
Unlike authentic Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano in this product there is lactose and egg.


Parmesao, the most imitated product

Some photos of products that use the colors of the Tricolore


Teaching of the Italian language

Italian Sounding is not only for food or technology or art products, it seems impossible, but we also find it in the teaching of the Italian language

Thanks to the internet and the various social networks, Italian language “professors” have been created who are not true professionals.

In the world there are schools that teach the Italian language authorized by qualified Italian bodies, one of these is Dante Alighieri 

La Dante Joinville - SC - Brasil
You will travel to Italy, discover what is artistic, natural and experience authentic Italian cuisine. Read books, listen to music, watch movies and news 24 hours 24 Italy