Parmigiano Reggiano a lactose-free cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano Red Cow 30 months

A lactose-free cheese

Parmigiano Reggiano is an Italian hard cheese DOP  produced since 1200.

The production areas are those between Reggio Emilia and Mantua.

The composition is very simple: milk, rennet, whey and salt.

Parmigiano Reggiano is produced in the areas governed by the Protection Consortium

The weight of the form is 38 kg. equal to about 550 – 600 liters of milk.

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The preparation

The preparation is made using two types of milk, the one milked in the morning, whole and to which is added the one in the evening, a skimmed milk.

This composition is placed in boilers and then rennet and grafting whey are added.

The master cheesemaker breaks the curd which shatters into small granules which will then be cooked at 55 °, this causes the granules to settle on the bottom.

The mass is divided into two parts, put into wooden forms after a short time, the form is put in a brine and left for about 20 days.

After this time, it is aged for at least 12 months.

Once the Consortium has ascertained the genuineness of the product, the wheel is branded with the certificate of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO-DOP).


Parmigiano Reggiano is the cheese that boasts the greatest attempt at copying, while Grana Padano is the most eaten cheese in the world.

All over the world there are dairies that try to produce and market fake products with almost always similar names in packages that recall Italy or the Italian flag.

Supermarkets displaying Parmigiano Reggiano signs boast its nutritional values, but then reading we discover that the cheese, Parmesan, is made in Argentina or Australia or the United States and many other countries.

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The "Grana"

Parmesan is a cheese that some consider “the Grana”, but it is not true.

Grana is synonymous with Parmigiano Reggiano , Grana Padano , Trentin Grana  and Granone Lodigiano, it is the dialectal name and indicates that the cheese has a sandy-type grain that you can feel under your teeth when you chew it.

The foreign imitations of the two cheeses are certainly appetizing, but they do not boast a minimum maturation of 12 months, they contain lactose and when you taste it you do not feel the typical grain.

The aging of Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano can vary from 12 to 72 months.

The aging of the cheese affects the price of the cheese

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Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano are two naturally lactose-free cheeses.

The elimination of lactose occurs already during the cheese making process and the residue is eliminated during the minimum maturation of 12 months.

In addition, both cheeses can cause constipation and not dysentery in case of abuse.

The intolerant person who accuses symptoms of intolerance to one of these two cheeses has certainly purchased a cheese that is not DOP.

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